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STRUGGLING with Overpriced Bids & Dreadful CTRs on Your Online Ads?
Get 8 Strategies And 141 Templates To Make You A Headline Superstar!

Jon Malach, CEO of Native Ads

"After years and years of launching campaigns, we've seen headlines that work and headlines that flat-out suck. We were literally forced to study the science behind why people react the way they do to certain words and phrases - and we compiled all that into a single comprehensive guide for you."

Jon Malach
"Copy & Paste" these 141 proven headline templates to skyrocket your click-through rates and get higher-quality clicks from your native advertising. This swipe file includes real-world examples from the best of the best, plus templates distilled from the 170,644+ native ads we've launched...

34 Goal-Oriented Headlines 
that attract users who need your help and demand their immediate attention
16 Social Proof Headlines
that leverage the power and authority of celebrities and brands to give you the glow of their reputation
23 Urgent Headlines 
that tap into the readers' fears to drive the to crave your solution
14 Demystification Headlines 
that instantly build trust with your readers and establish you as the authority
...and that's just a PORTION of what you get with our swipe file!

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